(born 2 May 1987 in Berlin as Carolin Ebert, after marriage
Carolin Wosnitza, died on 20 January 2011 in Hamburg)

Carolin Wosnitza aka SEXY CORA was born on 02.05.1987 in Berlin Carolin Ebert. Her parents divorced when Caroline was two years old. She moved with her mother from Berlin in a small village in the near Schwerin. They first lived with the mother during stepfather. From the new marriage of the mother originated from two siblings Carolin Wosnitza. At the age of 16 years SEXY CORA moved to the small town of Greve mills in Schwerin where she trained as a nurse begang they unfortunately later for health reasons in the 2nd Had to quit teaching year.

There was a change of residence to Schwerin know where they got their friend and later husband Tim Wosnitza in 2006. On 22.06.2007 she married her friend and future manager Tim Wosnitza in the Bernese castle in Hamburg and from then on both lived together in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg.

The idea is to film the sex and earn money, Carolin was taken during her work as a prostitute, as a free man, you asked for a movie. Then you took, already active in the online business, you husband with a strip tease on and put the clip on an erotic portal. This was the starting point for rotation of porn films. In the same period she began to work as a webcam girl. The name SEXY CORA was then given rather by accident, because an Englishman who was friends with Caroline Caro could not pronounce the name, and it was from Caro, Cora. A short time later were able to apply for free sex with your on camera lovers.

The only requirement for this was the assignment of film rights to you. Their popularity on various video sites grew more and more and the name of Sexy Cora was born. She launched a website and the offer was for the delivery of their own DVDs extended incl own DVD Store. Carolin Wosnitza was in 2010, candidate of the TV format Big Broter and periodically thereafter, as occurred in the beer K√ľnsterlin King and Upper Bavaria as a singer on Mallorca. This was followed by roles in movies such as "backstretch" and TV movies such as "Einsatz in Hamburg" for ZDF.

On 11 January 2011 SEXY CORA read in private Hamburg "Alster Clinic" for aesthetic and plastic surgery to make her fifth breast augmentation from 70 F to 70 G. During the operation there was a cardiac arrest, after which she was transferred to the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. It was at the University Hospital intensive medical treatment. On 20 January 2011 Caroline died Wosnitza due to complications after surgery. Subsequent reports and trial stated clearly the fault of the Narkoseärtzin the Alster Clinic.
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SEXY CORA was already represented in several media, such as Image, Hamburger Morgenpost (Morgenpost), Coupe, TattooErotika, TheSun, Durchblicker, Dresdner Morgenpost and in TV reports on VOX, RTL, ProSieben and Sat.1. In addition, what Cora was also at fairs, exhibitions, charities and on talk shows.

Even Greater discos were inspired and called parties Sexy Cora Night.
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